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The Blocklab of the MediaLab of the University of Granada

What is the BlockLab?

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What is the BlockLab?

A cooperative project on distributed ledger technologies, transformative and evolutionary of MediaLab UGR in collaboration with IUC Asia.

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The BlockLab is conceived as a laboratory available to the university community, and to society in general, understood as a space for meeting, learning, research, experimentation and innovation around the great challenges and opportunities of Blockchain in society.









Blockchain is a data structure whose information is grouped into sets (blocks) to which meta-information related to another block of the previous chain is added in a timeline.

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Why Blockchain?

In the last 5 years, the emergence of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) with the Blockchain as a reference is a fact.

The Blockchain moment

What we do at BlockLab?

Projects & Activities


Specific training on certain technologies, processes or programming languages in the field of blockchain.

Ethic Hacking

Development of an ethical hacking structure in relation to the possibilities offered by the blockchain.


Debates, conferences and seminars, either for general dissemination and / or academic to deepen the challenges that the decentralization of our society entails.


Evaluation, design and testing of technologies in our Nodes, both in FIDESOL and ByEvolution, or in those spaces that we help create.


New processes and strategies to achieve ethical disintermediation systems for society that improve the institutional quality of our organizations.

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As a co-creative and a cooperative community we will put the limits amongst all the Blocklabers.

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Blocklabers People

We make up the BlockLab, join us!

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The BlockLab is not conceived as a forum for professionals. As a physical and virtual meeting space for social innovators, disruptive minds and people dedicated to the world of research and the professional world as well as citizens. All of you are welcomed.

The Technologists

People who provide technological knowledge, both in the conceptualization of the technology itself and in the code that develops it; especially to develop its own community that propagates training in the languages of distributed registry technologies (DLTs).

The Professionals

Communities of professionals who want to expand their knowledge of these technologies and their application in their environments; especially the Spin-Offs and Start-Ups of our territory.

The Activists

People who are social leaders and want to help transform the old processes and participation schemes of our democracies and governance systems in organizations.

The Restless

People interested in learning and / or transmitting knowledge about these technologies to improve our society.

The Hackers

People interested in developing a new ethic, an ethical hacking for machines and algorithms with the help of the blockchain.

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